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Ranking in Guild.... Empty Ranking in Guild....

Post  DaddyDsGirl on Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:01 pm

Rank 9: This is the lowest rank in guild (unless you ask inner), belongs to the newest recruits. If there are no complaints about you and you have applied to the forums, you will be promoted to rank 8 within a week.

Rank 8: This group will make up the majority of the guild. They are the basic guild members, and absolutely nothing is required from them

Rank 7 : This is guild members who contribute to helping the guild, be it by recruiting or helping low lvls.

Rank 6: In addition to helping the guild these members attend events(not yet sense we havent had any) and GRB, and also prove to be active

Rank 5 :
Are members who have accomplished honor and respect from either guild council or Guild Leader. Mostly the *veterans* of the guild.

Rank 4 : This spot is assigned for Guild council and Guild leaders ALT toons, so if we are not on our rank 2 or rank 1 toons u know who we are.

Rank 3 : This group is assigned to Demon Knight's, their job is to keep peace in guild when neither a council or the leader is on.

Rank 2 : Officers of Demons Exiles. They have full right to promote ranks, demote ranks, recruit (accept, deny), and our chosen by Guild leader and current officers.

Rank 1 : Your wonderful, awesome, and modest Guild Leader...BigDaddyDemon

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