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Lvl 43 Epic quest

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Lvl 43 Epic quest Empty Lvl 43 Epic quest

Post  innersin on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:32 am

If you can't get the quest, then head back to Meteora North Port / Warune's Camp and do your lvl 35 epic quest, because u need that first.

These are the NPC
Lvl 43 Epic quest NordeinEpicNPCs

Lvl 43 Epic quest VailEpicNPCs

Lvl 43 Epic quest QuestEpic43Map3
Lvl 43 Epic quest A-1

The Epic Quest <43> follows this list of tasks:

1.Kill Arena Landers

2.Return to the NPC

3.Kill Sprinter Elves

4.Return to the NPC

5.Receive a Letter

6.Read the Letter

7.Kill Betrayer Acre

8.Bring Acre's head to the next Quest NPC in Iris

9.Go to This image has been resized. Click to view the full Size Image. Panakeia Lab in Reikeuseu (Map1)

Lvl 43 Epic quest QuestEpic43Map1

10.Collect the following items:

•90 Gold Apples

•99 Pomegranates

•30 Spirit Cores

11.Bring the items to Panakeia Lab

12.Return to the Quest NPC in Iris

13.Note: Split the stack of Arkain Potions you receive (20) into 2 stacks, or 10 will vanish when you relog (bug)

14.Deliver a letter to This image has been resized. Click to view the full Size Image. Palbatus south of Helms Marsh in Keuraijen (Map2)

Lvl 43 Epic quest QuestEpic43Map2

15.Collect the following items:

•25 Magic Leathers

•10 Gold Powders

•20 Adamars Stones

16.Bring the items to Palbatus

17.Receive your Fire Elemental Epic Weapon

18.Go to Aidion Neckria and kill Astaroth

19.Return to the Quest NPC in Iris

20.Receive your Mufflers as reward

21.Episode 4: Go to Palbatus and change the Element on your Epic Weapon

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