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Guild Ranking Battle time.

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Guild Ranking Battle time. Empty Guild Ranking Battle time.

Post  innersin on Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:55 am

For now, guild ranking battle will happening on every SATURDAY
Here's the time for Each time zon each of u Are in.

EST : 3:00 pm

CST: 2:00 pm

PDT: 1:00 pm

PST: 12:00 noon

Alaska :10:00 am

GMT : 8:00 pm

BST, IST, WET, WEST: 9:00 pm

CEST, EET: 11:00pm

EEST, MST: 12:00 (midnight)

MSD: 1:00am

India part, 1:30 AM

China part 3:00 AM

Anyquestion just post here Razz

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